Rico Nasty Is A Shade Queen In The High Fashion ‘Pressing Me’ Video

Rico Nasty continues her takeover of rap, hitting Beverly Hills’ famed Rodeo Drive to flex and drop shade on her rivals in the new video for her Nasty single “Pressing Me.” Directed by Jack Dalton, the video tracks her high-end tour of the famed fashion corridor as she snaps off stinging taunts, boasting her ability to bag her competition’s boyfriends like the Balenciaga she’s balling out on — but only if they keep some weaponry around for the inevitable jealousy.

The track is a classic showcase of Rico’s swaggering, self-assured energy, which is on display all through her Atlantic Records debut mixtape, Nasty. While she’s got a rough streak a mile wide, as evidenced by her insistence on keeping “a tool on me, like it’s cool on me.” That energy is a big part of the reason 2018 is looking like a breakthrough year for the Maryland rapper, who signed her major label deal this year after the success of mixtapes like Sugar Trap, Tales Of Tacobella, and Sugar Trap 2.

Other singles from Nasty include rambunctious trap anthems like “Rage,” “Trust Issues,” and “Countin’ Up,” all demonstrating her take-no-prisoners, hard-as-nails attitude with infectious, trap-influenced beats and her singular, spitefully raspy raps.

Nasty is out now via Atlantic.