Rihanna’s Crop-Over Outfit Has Officially Destroyed The Internet

It’s not exactly breaking news, but Rihanna has been killing it with the looks lately. Whether she has gained weight or crossed over into “thick” territory doesn’t really matter, whatever label you want to put on Riri the fact remains: she looks damn good. The latest example of that is Rihanna taking to Instagram to quietly destroy the internet with her look for the famous Crop Over festival in her native Barbados.

For years Riri has been a constant presence at the festival, leading to some amazing pictures and video as she’s never afraid to get into the spirit and let loose. This year is no different, as she gave Instagram the best look at her outfit, complete with her blue hair, in a quick video.

Much like Beyonce, a ton of the talk about Riri’s latest look and wig snatching centers around her new, “thick” and clearly more curvy body. And much like Bey, it seems everybody is in love with the new look, a positive sign after she got some odd backlash after a recent appearance at the Valerian premiere in London.

While Crop Over starts as early as May in some years — the festival has been going on for 330 years — Kadooment Day on the first Monday in August is the festival’s grand finale, and an actual national holiday in Barbados. So, Riri waited until the biggest day of the year to come home and completely kill it, yet again.

Check out some of the best reactions to Rihanna at Crop Over 2017 below.