Rihanna’s World-Stopping ‘Valerian’ Premiere Dress Is Still Making Waves Hours Later

Getty Image

Rihanna is widely recognized as one of the most beautiful humans on earth, by any definition. Even with that knowledge, every once in a while she pops up for our viewing pleasure and is somehow even more stunning than usual and completely shuts the world down for a brief second so everybody can at least take a peek at her. Must be a rough life.

Her walk on the red (blue?) carpet at the London premiere of her film Valerian is another one of those cases, where her striking beauty is dialed up like ten notches and she stands out, even amongst other universally gorgeous people like Cara Delevingne. Rihanna showed up in a flowing red dress that hung just off the shoulders and accentuated her bust and got the world talking immediately.

Sure, Valerian may be struggling at the box office, but Rihanna is a part of it and that’s always a win. She was excited to introduce her character to the world earlier this month, and now she’s stealing the show even before the movie has started. It’s just a normal day in the life of Riri I guess, where she takes a break from smooching a billionaire to completely slay an appearance with ease.