Snoop Dogg Manages To Lose At The Family Feud Category He Was Born To Win

You can see it the moment Steve Harvey reads the card in his hand, ABC’s Family Feud lucked themselves into an incredible minute of television. He knows it, right away. Steve reads the card to himself and has to pause for a second to hold in his laughter. Nobody is that strong though, so he lets out the slightest hint of a chuckle and then reads the category to contestants, legendary boxer “Sugar” Ray Leonard and the one and only Snoop Dogg.

“Name something grandma might do if she caught grandpa smoking marijuana.”

Then things got surreal. Somehow, Leonard, a man renown for his ultra-fast hands and fast-twitch reflexes was beat to the buzzer by Snoop. Steve — again he noticed all of this from the moment he read the category — took a moment to compose himself, almost walking off camera. He knew exactly what happened. Snoop, in all his enthusiasm for all things marijuana somehow beat one of the greatest boxers of all-time to the punch, for the opportunity to talk about weed. It was amazing.

After chiding Ray a tad by saying, scoldingly “all them fast hands you got,” before joking about Snoop’s uncanny speed “”Marijuana? Bam! Just like that.” Steve knew it was time for Snoop’s moment of truth, and this is where things really go off the rails. There may not have been a category possibly that was more perfect for Snoop. At 44 years old, he is a grandpa, and his exploits with weed are legendary. This is, after all, the guy who made the cast of Half Baked smoke real weed with him during his cameo on the film. This is the guy who has been making weed anthems for over 20 years. And last year the legendary rapper became a grandpa, this was tailor made for him.

Except he lost.

Yeah, Snoop’s answer wasn’t that great. “Put hands on him,” was the best he could come up with. Because that little expression wasn’t quite in the judges lexicon he had to specify, “She would, uh, hit him.” With just a seven, the results weren’t that great and Sugar Ray eventually beat him with “Scream at him.” It was almost disappointing, watching Snoop lose the category he was born to win, but it was an incredible 90 seconds of television so I’ll take it.