Soulja Boy’s ‘Hit ‘Em With The Draco’ Drags 50 Cent Into His Feud With Chris Brown

Not even a national holiday to recognize a great man who promoted peace can deter Soulja Boy from releasing a diss song featuring his beloved draco.

The new diss song is the latest entry in the ongoing squabble between Soulja Boy and Chris Brown as they both continue to train for their upcoming pay-per-view boxing match, set for later this year. Now, 50 Cent finds himself in the the cross-hairs after he’s spent the past few weeks pestering both Brown and Soulja from the peanut gallery.

“50 Cent he know about me
Everybody know I’ma get to the cake
You on the block, I’ma hit you with the draco
You know that I put it in they face…
Stand in the box, I jab I jab
I’ma knock out Chris Brown
Lot of money on my neck
Riding round with a check”

The self-produced track isn’t Mr. Tell’Em’s shining moment lyrically but it can’t be any better or worse than what Mike Tyson’s supposedly planning on releasing in support of Chris Brown. Except, Tyson’s a former boxer by trade. Soulja’s a rapper. He should do better.

Usually, I’d say keep beef should be kept on wax. But after listening to SB’s “Hit ‘Em with the Draco,” maybe letting these two settle their differences in the ring instead of on songs might not be the worst idea. One thing artists both young and old have to keep in mind is if they resort to trolling tactics to promote whatever endeavors they have going, it typically helps if the music they share is worth listening to. It definitely sounds like no one remind Soulja of the idea.