Did Soulja Boy Just Get Jumped And Have His Phone Stolen On Instagram Live?

Well it looks like Soulja Boy’s already tumultuous 2017 just got worse. Apparently as the new beef king of rap was on Instagram Live broadcasting video to his followers, someone hit him and took his phone, quickly ending the video and leaving everybody wondering what the hell just happened.

In a video where he spent time admonishing Chris Brown due to their recent spat, Soulja appears to put his arm around someone, who takes issue with that and shoves him away, then there’s a thud and the phone falls out his hand. After some words are exchanged someone picks up the phone and ends the broadcast and there’s been nothing on any of his social media accounts since. It’s strange, as of yet unexplained, and just another day in the social media life of Soulja Boy.

It’s another incident in a strange string of incidents for the 26-year-old rapper including beefs with Chris Brown and Lil Yachty, a crazy tall tale about a shootout at his home that turned into a viral craze and just a ton of random outbursts. If attention is what he’s seeking, he’s got it and then some. This is the most his name has been mentioned online in years, for better or for worse.

Update: Looks like maybe he didn’t get robbed, but might have got into a fight? The Soulja Boy show just never ends.