Terry Crews Provides The Internet With A Reason To Stop Wasting Money

We’re nine months deep into 2016 and that New Year’s resolution you made about saving more money has long been broken. With 2017 coming up in just 117 days, let Terry Crews help you reach your goal once the calendar turns over.

Before he provided all the ‘lulz’ in White Chicks and before flexing his chest muscles on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Terry Crews was known to television audiences as “Julius,” the extremely cost-cutting, penny-pinching dad on the cult classic sitcom, Everybody Hates Chris. When it came to saving money and getting more bang for his buck, Julius was king.

He once stopped Chris from throwing away leftover oatmeal that he calculated to be exactly $0.38 worth of food. The TV dad was so tight with his wallet that one night he instructed Chris to unplug his electric clock because it was burning $0.02 worth of electricity an hour. As Julius saw it, his eldest son didn’t need to know the time because he was sleeping anyway. Genius, TBH.

One fan is using Terry Crews’ character as inspiration to help save himself from foolishly spending his dough. 19-year-old college student Daniel Cabral tweeted out that he actually has a picture of Julius right in his wallet as a measure to save money. “I keep this pic of Terry Crews in my wallet so I can see it when I’m about to waste money on things I don’t need Iol,” Cabral randomly tweeted the other day. Since then the tweet has gotten cover 190,000 retweets and 280,000 likes.

The stand-up comic said he got the idea when he lost his ID a few days ago and didn’t know what to put in his wallet in the meantime. So he figured he’d go with Crews’ character. “I thought I should start saving money since I don’t have a job, and who’s a better financial advisor than Terry Crews?” Cabral told Buzzfeed. Cabral said he most definitely the inspiration because he’s notorious” for spending money, having once spent 30 whole damn dollars on pineapples.

Naturally, everyone can relate to spending an absurd amount of money on crap you don’t really need. Especially those “As Seen On TV” products. (Still not sure why I bought that Slap Chop.)

Putting Julius everywhere. This is truly the greatest tool we’ve ever had for saving cash. He is a treasure:

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