Tory Lanez Truly Thinks He’s ‘Better’ Than Drake

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08.11.16 2 Comments
Tory Lanez isn’t letting up the pressure he’s applying to Drake. After he just taunted he fellow Canadian by posting videos live from enemy grounds in Philly, a new radio interview captures Lanez proclaiming himself to be the best musical export come out of Toronto.

The “Say It” singer was featured on Washington D.C.’s 93.9 WKYS for an interview where part of the show included a quick word association game where one of the clues tossed was “Drizzy.” Without missing a beat, Tory replied with the quickness: “I’m better.”

A little later in the interview, Lanez went on to explain that people shouldn’t take his confidence for arrogance. “People think I’m mad cocky,” he said. “I’m not cocky. I just believe in myself to an extent that’s just a little bit past probably where the average person believes in themselves.”

I, for one, admire Tory’s confidence. Nobody ever got anywhere by saying “I just want to finish second or whatever.” Plus, this is rap, with a heavy dose of singing included as is the case with both artists here, where arguing skills are part of the conversation. The “new Toronto” singer wants the crown that Drizzy currently holds with Views.

For Tory, the only thing he’s missing is the massive catalog of hits to back up his claims. A few singles getting burn on radio are a good start, however greatness requires multiple songs and albums making their mark on the Billboard charts. He just doesn’t have that right now, whereas that could change debut album I Told You drops on August 19. Until then, it’s all just talk. Or, like producer and frequent Drake collaborator Bo1-da said in response to the recent taunts by Tory: “One dude is selling out Madison Square Garden 4 nights, and the other dude trolling for attention & record sales.”

Watch the full interview below.

(Via XXL)

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