Towkio Will Symbolize His Rise By Dropping His Debut Album ‘WWW’ From Miles Above Earth

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What’s a better way to mark your ascension as an artist then to drop your debut album from miles above earth? Even if Towkio isn’t on cloud nine figuratively, he will soon be pretty close to it – literally. The ascending Chicago rapper will be dropping WWW, his debut studio project, from 100,000 feet in the air. No, he won’t literally be dropping a bag of CDs, but he will be in a hot air balloon at 11:11AM CT, the unofficial moment the album will be released to the world. “I see 11:11 every single day,” the Chance The Rapper affiliate told DJ Booth. His high altitude is a reference to the Overview Effect, which is the powerful visage of the globe that Astronauts see from space. That concept inspired songs like “Symphony,” “Swim” and others on WWW.

Towkio won’t quite be that high, but he will be close enough to have what he expects to be “an out-of-body experience.” He added, “they look back and see how precious it is because your life on Earth only exists on Earth. So all of the bullsh*t you deal with on a day-to-day basis, it instantly goes out the window when you leave the plane and you’re looking at the earth.”

He also told DJ Booth that “It’s under my spell and under my power that this all will happen. Worst comes to worst, I’ll die the only way I would want to die. I’m not gonna die, though.” Nope, because he needs to be here for the official release of WWW on Friday.