Travis Scott Was Sued For Missing A Performance To Be With His Newborn Child

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As we reported recently, Travis Scott’s live show is one of the most sought after tickets in the world right now. People are flocking to Astroworld Tour in record numbers. And while Scott has certainly shown that he knows how to put on a performance, he hasn’t always been so reliable in the past.

According toThe Blast, the 27-year-old rapper is being sued by the Minnesota concert promotion PJAM for missing a gig back in 2018. According to the lawsuit, which was initially filed in March, Scott was contracted to perform at Minnesota’s Myth Nightclub during Super Bowl weekend in February of last year. However, just two days before his scheduled performance, the Houston rapper backed out of the agreement. Scott’s partner, noted social media star and beauty product magnate, Kylie Jenner had just given birth to their first child Stormi, and Scott presumably wanted to remain with her in the newborn.

PJAM, however, claims that, despite not performing, the “Sicko Mode” rapper still collected the $150,000 fee for the gig. They are now suing Scott for the $150,000 plus additional damages. The promotion company’s prosecution team also plans to use other instances where Scott has either postponed performances or flaked out entirely in their case against the rapper.

Scott, for his part, is asking that PJAM not use his past missed dates in their case against him as he feels it would be “unfairly prejudicial” and potentially skew the outcome fo the case.