Vic Mensa’s Powerful ‘Rage’ Video Is A Journey To Rock Bottom And Back

Today, Vic Mensa premiered the “Rage” video via The Fader, just a week and a half before the official release of his new album The Autobiography. The five-minute piece serves as a metaphor for his struggle with drugs and addiction. In the beginning of the video, Vic is inside a crashing plane, which can be read as a pretty clear metaphor symbolizing his hectic life as a rising rap star. During the crash, he’s reaching for pills and alcohol and once he has them the chaos slows down but is still present; basically, it’s a visual representation of the feeling while on drugs.

His “rock bottom” stage is shown by the plane crashing into the water and beginning to drown, but then he fights his way back against the “light at the end of the tunnel” and emerges victorious, still alive. “Rage” is a powerful song and the movie-like visual is equally as powerful and complements the song well.

Through recent interviews and promotion around the album cycle you can see the growth in Vic Mensa as an individual and an artist. And from what we heard so far from The Autobiography we can expect an emotional, honest, and blunt body of work meant to tell a story of what he’s been fighting with while being absent from the scene a bit. The highly-anticipated album is set to be released on July 28, and after that enormous co-sign from Jay-Z at his listening party, everyone is excited to hear what Vic Has in store. Watch the dramatic video above and watch for much more coming soon.