Vince Staples Feels Nothing Has Changed With Police Brutality

If you’ve never seen a Vince Staples interview you’re truly missing out. The Long Beach rapper is notorious for trolling any and everyone, regardless of the venue. While some might disapprove of Vince’s nihilist and fatalist tendencies, he’s able to mix it well with his unique sense of humor. It makes conversations with him both informative and incredibly hilarious, regardless of the seriousness of the subject matter.

Vince Staples was being interviewed by Tim Westwood after a recent performance. During the talk, he says he won’t be in any interviews wearing chains and watches because it’s not his thing. Tim Westwood makes a comment about never being robbed which leads to the Long Beach rapper’s hilarious proclamation.

“I fuc*ing hate rappers. They won’t rob me. They’re gonna get shot cuz I’m ready to die AND go to jail for no reason. But we ain’t on that. We on some positivity. But it will happen and it can happen, but we out here being positive and peaceful, you know what I mean? We out here giving back to the needy. All that shit.”

In another portion of the interview, Tim asks Vince about some of the recent police shooting incidents. His response was typical but, also, valid.

TW: Ok, a lot of shit going on now in the states. And you’ve dealt with things like that before, like “Norf Norf” and all that good stuff, man. What’s your take, man?

VS: I feel the same way I feel about the last time it happened…That’s my answer.

The interview last for about ten minutes with the two talking about everything from Vince’s place in the rap game to the reasons he keeps it so “regular.” In the second portion of the interview, seen below, Big Sean makes a cameo appearance and tells Westwood how much he loves Vince. Sean also stated he and Vince would be hitting the studio soon to work together.