Wale Previews An Upcoming Collaboration With J. Cole During A Studio Session

01.12.18 6 months ago

Getty Image

There was a bunch of hoopla when it seemed like J. Cole and Wale were on the verge of conflict last year. After Cole mentioned a rapper friend of his “who wanna win so bad” but is “so bitter he can’t see his own blessings,” on last year’s “False Prophets,” seemingly everyone with a Twitter account figured that the verse was about Wale. Given how often the DC rapper takes to social media to gripe about not getting the love he feels he deserves, the shoe seemingly fit. Wale followed up the next day with his own “Groundhog Day” track acknowledging Cole’s verse and defending himself, but ultimately saying he “loved” Cole.

The two were pictured the next day at the CIAA basketball tournament, and it was all good. They had one of the most mature on-wax differences of opinion in history. And it looks like for 2018 they’re looking to add a fire collaboration to their catalogs. Wale posted footage on his Instagram story of himself in the studio with Cole, bumpin’ a jazzy song with the caption, “workin on new vibes…wit Cole.” We didn’t hear enough of the track to have much of an opinion on it, but we’re just happy these two ambitious lyricists — and friends — got in the lab together.

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