MSNBC’s Ari Melber Makes A Spot-On Comparison Between Donald Trump And Puff Daddy

09.01.16 3 years ago

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Now that it’s September, thankfully the race for our new alien overlord will be kaput in two months. If you’re a political junkie following the trail on the regular, it can be strenuous journey with the feel of a season of 24. Thankfully, there are cats like MSNBC’s Ari Melber who give political punditry some variety by throwing in a hip-hop reference every now and then. Or in Melber’s case, all of the time. The most recent instance saw Melber compare the Republican nominee to Mr. Can’t Stop Won’t Stop himself, Puff Daddy.

While looking for a way to explain to the viewing audience Trump’s immigration plan lacked details…like costs, how it would be paid for…or passed in Congress, Melber said that Trump is hitting the “Diddy test,” named after the man who once famously told us not to worry if he writes rhymes because he writes checks.

Basically, Trump wants us to ignore the minor details, like the fact a Republican-controlled House and Democrat-controlled Senate wouldn’t even think of allocating that amount of money, or that budget fights have plagued Congress since 2010 on issues that come with a lot less commas and zeroes attached to them. You know, minor details. We shouldn’t worry about that though because Trump’s check-writing hand is so serious, things will just happen.

As I said before, Melber has a history of injecting hip-hop into our political discourse.

Whether it’s Kanye West:

Jay Z:

Or my personal favorite and what has to be the tweet of the year, Jeru the Damaja:

The man knows his sh*t, which always comes as a shock to his followers. A white lawyer from Seattle doesn’t fit the typical profile of a Jeru fan.

Touche, sir.

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