Wiz Khalifa Explains Why He’s Ready To Shift Toward An R&B-Inspired Project

10.10.18 10 months ago

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Don’t be surprised if Wiz Khalifa makes a splash into the world of R&B sometime in the future. In fact, just today, he dropped a collab with LA-based R&B duo THEY., who announced their debut Fireside EP will be out this November and teased the whole thing with the track “What I Know Now,” featuring the rapper.

When asked about his previous dabbling in R&B, the chart-topping hit “Hopeless Romantic” featuring Swae Lee, ahead of his Doritos Blaze-sponsored performance at Life Is Beautiful a couple weekends ago, Wiz reveals he’d be open to putting forth a project solely with an R&B vibe: “Absolutely!” he said. “Hell yeah.” And it looks like this latest collab with THEY. makes good on another foray into that realm, check it out below:

While it’s certainly not a rare experience to hear a Grammy Award-nominated artist like Khalifa harmonizing about love, lust, and sex on most of his albums (O.N.I.F.C.’s “Up In It” anyone?), they’re usually among some of his more rambunctious club anthems. There’s never been a project filled with mainly affectionately-formed Wiz tracks of the “Hopeless Romantic” or “Late Night Messages” variety. With six studio albums and countless mixtapes under his belt already, there’s no better time for his to expand his musical palette than now.

Wiz Khalifa’s Taylor Gang reign has appeared almost effortlessly throughout his musical career. He’s managed to stay relevant and survive through every trendy era hip-hop has gone through since 2009, a feat that should hardly go unnoticed, plus surviving a contentious divorce from his ex-wife, Amber Rose, a star in her own right. Wiz’s ability to persevere through the test of time simply by following his own wave is among one of many reasons for his long-lasting success.

The Pittsburgh native churned out magnetic stoner music with Kush & Orange Juice in 2010, strip club bangers on Cabin Fever and pop-friendly cuts with Rolling Papers in 2011, and again, on the 2018 appropriate Rolling Papers 2. Proven he can make just about any sound his own, why not have some fun by putting out a project filled with R&B soul?

Before hitting the stage, Wiz further shared some of his favorite R&B acts of the moment and opened up about whether he feels he receives adequate recognition for being a pioneer in the rap game, and didn’t forget to fill me in on his successful marijuana strain, Khalifa Kush, along with percolating plans to take over Netflix. Read a condensed, edited transcript of our conversation below.

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