Young Dolph Shot His New ‘Believe Me’ Video While Recuperating in the Hospital From Gunshot Wounds

10.18.17 1 year ago

When Memphis rapper Young Dolph’s sprinter van was shot up over 100 times earlier this year, he released Bulletproof, a mixtape capitalizing so intently off of the shooting that the entire tracklist was one long tweet about his defiant attitude.

1. “100 Shots”
2. “In Charlotte”
3. “But I’m bulletproof”
4. “So Fuk ’em”
5. “That’s How I Feel” Feat. Gucci Mane
6. “I’m So Real”
7. “I Pray For My Enemies”
8. “I’m Everything You Wanna Be”
9. “So That’s Why You Envy Me”
10. “SMH”

Who knows what the title of his next project will be, but he’s still out here making lemonade. Dolph just released a video for his new “Believe Me” track. How, you ask? Wasn’t he just in the hospital recuperating from his recent shooting in Hollywood?

Yes, and that hospital room was the set. Dolph one-upped pretty much every MC who ever decided to turn their bullet wounds into a marketing scheme, by not waiting to hit the studio or a radio station for an interview, but bringing the lights, cameras and action to his bedside. The video starts out with a clip of a news report about the shooting, and dramatic shots of a dripping IV and an eerily empty hospital hallway.

The suspense ends when the camera switches to him ogling his chain, in one piece, looking healthy — aside from a cast on his arm. The track itself isn’t reflective of his shooting, as he warns his enemies and flouts his realness throughout the sinister Cassius Jay production. “Believe Me” was very likely recorded before the shooting that had him in critical condition, but apparently the video couldn’t wait.

At least there are some scenes of him at home being a family man, as he rhymes, “I vow to never let another n—- raise my kids.” Hopefully he takes every precaution to make sure he’s around for them.

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