‘Boyhood’ named 2014’s best film by Los Angeles Film Critics Association

The Los Angeles Film Critics Association has spoken this season with a list of winners quite original in response to their New York counterparts, who announced last week. “Boyhood,” again, won Best Picture, as well as Best Director. But Tom Hardy (“Locke”) and Agata Kulesza (“Ida”) made for interesting additions to their separate conversations. “Selma” got some love as well in the form of a New Generation Award for director Ava DuVernay.

Check out the full list of winners with running commentary below, and as always, follow along with the season at The Circuit.

Best Editing: Sandra Adair, “Boyhood” (Runner-up: “The Grand Budapest Hotel”)
That's two in one day for Adair, and congrats to her. Again, lots of footage to dig through, smoothly calibrated and structured. Just a great piece of work. Bravo.

Best Supporting Actor: J.K. Simmons, “Whiplash” (Runner-up: Edward Norton, “Birdman”)
It's pretty much these two all the way to the end. Stoked for J.K.!

Best Production Design: “The Grand Budapest Hotel” (Runner-up: “Snowpiercer”)
That is frankly exactly how I would chalk this up, #1 and #2. Uncanny how much you nailed that one, LAFCA. This has been an amazing year for below-the-line accomplishments, in fact. More on that in tomorrow's Oscar column…

Best Music Score: (TIE) Jonny Greenwood, “Inherent Vice” and Mica Levi, “Under the Skin”
Fascinating. And yes, Levi really, really deserves to be in this conversation. It would be nice if she could get some real traction. This is nice, though.

Best Animation: “The Tale of Princess Kaguya” (Runner-up: “The LEGO Movie”)
Wow. Exact same result as the Boston crowd. See my thoughts there, I guess.

Best Supporting Actress: Agata Kulesza, “Ida” (Runner-up: Rene Russo, “Nightcrawler”)
I honestly haven't taken to “Ida” the way everyone else has, but I love this win all the same. LAFCA prides itself on these kinds of choices, and kudos for Russo being so close. She's fantastic in “Nightcrawler” and, as I said in the Boston string, should be in the conversation here.