4 Celebrities Who Won #TBT

Today is Thursday, and you know what that means: everyone, including celebs, is throwing back.

No one seems to be throwing it too far back (I”m still waiting on Kanye West baby pictures), but some of today's crop are quite special nonetheless.

Here are four celebrities who won this week”s #TBT:

1. Eli Roth Eats Pancakes


#tbt that time I ate food.

A photo posted by Eli Roth (@realeliroth) on May 7, 2015 at 9:16am PDT


Did Ryan Gosling eating cereal inspire a celebrity trend of breakfast food related posts? I hope so. Also, these pancakes look like something out of Roth”s La Vegas Goretorium.

2. The Rock Fights Fire


Have you ever seen that many muscles on one person? You learn something new every day, and today for me it”s that blue is definitely The Rock”s color.

3. Terry Richardson is a Gay Cowboy


#tbt Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy… me and Tom Ford in Santa Fe from @vogueparis 2010 ????‍??‍????‍????????????????

A photo posted by Terry Richardson (@terryrichardson) on May 7, 2015 at 6:30am PDT


Looking good locking lips with fashion designer Tom Ford!

4. Kim Kardashian Does Something Weird


She”s using a corset to change the shape of her waist? Yikes. I thought this practice ended around the same time America freed itself from Great Britain, but I guess I was wrong. Leave it to a Kardashian to teach young girls everywhere a new way to torture themselves in the name of looks.