The First ‘American Gods’ Trailer Breathes Life Into Neil Gaiman’s Trippy World

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Ever since it was announced that Neil Gaiman’s novel American Gods would be adapted by Bryan Fuller for Starz, fans have been waiting with bated breath to see if the Hannibal showrunner could bring Gaiman’s world to life. Then the promotional images started trickling out and it seemed the answer was yes.

Now, with the first official trailer for American Gods, the answer is definitely yes.

In our modern, ever-changing world, the gods of our ancestors have been pushed to the dark corners of our collective consciousness. They are myths. Legends. Not beings to worship and fear. But just because we no longer bow down to Easter or Osiris doesn’t mean we don’t have gods. Technology. Media. Those are the modern deities. But the old gods and the new don’t get along and now, war is brewing.

From the official press release:

The traditional Old Gods, with mythological roots from around the world, fear irrelevance as their believers die off or are seduced by the money, technology, and celebrity offered by the New Gods. Shadow Moon (Ricky Whittle) is an ex-con who, left adrift by the recent death of his wife, becomes bodyguard and traveling partner to conman Mr. Wednesday (Ian McShane). But in truth, Mr. Wednesday is a powerful old deity, on a cross-country mission to build an army and reclaim his lost glory.

American Gods premieres Sunday, April 30th at 9/8c on Starz.