Jason Momoa Promoted ‘Aquaman’ In The Most Jason Momoa Way Possible

It’s San Diego Comic-Con weekend, where shows, movies, and (occasionally) actual comics try to break through the impenetrable crowd and get their product seen. Usually it’s through trailers or panels or late-night appearances, but leave it to Jason Momoa to find a new way to attract eyeballs. (The eyeballs have since popped out of their sockets, like a cartoon wolf seeing a sexy lady.)

To promote the James Wan-directed Aquaman, and specifically the Aquaman trailer, the Game of Thrones star jumped off a cliff in Hawaii and uploaded the footage to Instagram. “FINALLY the time has come,” Momoa wrote. “I’m stoked to share this news Check out something I filmed a couple weeks ago before I left Hawaii. #havingfunwithdaohana #droppinghawaiianbombsonya #westside On my way to #SDCC!! #AQUAMAN #TrailerTomorrow. #cheeeeeeeehoooooooooo #HHHawaiian. #hallHgetready #thekingiscoming.”

You know how people in movies are always screaming “ENHANCE” when they’re looking at surveillance footage? That’s what I want, but with the noise Momoa (the only good bro, tbh) makes when he’s jumping off the cliff. Also:

It’s not too late to change the film’s title to Aquadaddy.

Aquaman: the trailer drops on Saturday. Aquaman: the movie comes out December 21 (a very, very busy weekend at the theaters).