The ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Cast Learned The Film’s Ending The Same Day They Shot It


Between the forthcoming release of Ant-Man and the Wasp and Tom Holland’s allegedly leaking the Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel’s title, avoiding Avengers: Infinity War spoilers is a thing of the past. This is especially true for the blockbuster film’s cast, who no longer have to keep mum regarding Marvel Cinematic Universe’s latest team-up entry now that practically everyone has seen it. Hence why Infinity War stars Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany were more than happy to discuss the details at the Ace Comic Con in Seattle this weekend.

Among the bits the pair discussed with panel moderator Kevin Smith, the story of when, where and how the cast finally learned Infinity War‘s shocking ending stands out. As Olsen recalled it:

“I found out from the Russos exactly what was going to happen and it wasn’t until we shot it on that day we learned what the ending was. They took us into a van — all of us — we were in a van with air conditioning because it was very hot and they told us how the movie was going to end and no one knew. And they were like ‘Now we’re shooting it, Go!’ and we were like ‘How are we supposed to interpret that?'”

That Marvel Studios maintains a ridiculous level of secrecy regarding its films’ plot points is nothing new. But packing all of Infinity War‘s massive cast into a single air-conditioned van the same day you’re going to shoot it? That’s one particular extreme you can go to, if you like. “It’s such a relief that we get to talk about it,” Olsen told the crowd. “We usually don’t get to say any of this stuff, but you guys have seen it and it’s out in the world.”

(Via ComicBook.com)