Tom Hanks’ ‘Bachelor Party’ is the latest movie-to-TV remake

Tom Hanks' “Bachelor Party” is the latest movie-to-TV remake
ABC has ordered a “comedy anthology series” based on the raunchy 1984 film, co-created by Regis Philbin”s daughter, J.J. Philbin. The “Bachelor Party” series will focus on three couples: “one about to get married, another recently divorced and a third just falling in love.”

Toys ‘R Us yanks “Breaking Bad” action figures following a Florida mom”s complaints
“Let's just say, the action figures have taken an indefinite sabbatical,” Toys ‘R Us said in a statement, following pressure from a Florida mom who gathered 8,000 signatures.

Tina Fey recalls casting Jan Hooks on “30 Rock,” says: “Jan should have had a bigger career … as big as Rob Schneider's f*cking career”
“We needed to cast Jane Krakowski's estranged Florida dirtbag mother, and I thought, My God, do you think we could get Jan Hooks?” Fey recalled on Monday night, adding that Hooks was initially hesitant to take on the role. Fey adds: “Jan should have had a bigger career. Jan deserved a big movie career. Certainly as big as Rob Schneider's f*cking career. She was a bigger star on S.N.L.'”

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Can Leslie Jones reinvigorate “SNL”?
In almost all of her four appearances on “SNL,” Jones has stolen the show, which may be what “Saturday Night Live” needs after falling to a ratings low with the Bill Hader episode.

Check out Nina Dobrev on “The Originals”
Here is “The Vampire Diaries” star as doppelganger Tatia.

Rainn Wilson”s Vine star scripted sitcom will feature an accused rapist
One of the Vine stars on “Hollywood and Vine,” Curtis LePore, last year pleaded no contest to felony assault after his ex-girlfriend accused him of rape.

Quora: The TV show?
The community-powered Q&A website, featuring more than 500,000 topics, has been optioned for a potential TV series.

“Pretty Little Liars” will reveal Big “A”s” identity before Season 7
Exec producer Marle King confirmed it during Tuesday”s Halloween fan special: “The identity of Big 'A' is going to be revealed before season seven starts.”

Scott Foley: I had to Google “Eiffel tower” after reading last week”s “Scandal” script
“I knew that it was obviously a sexual act, but I was surprised at the graphic nature of it, yes,” he tells HuffPostLive.

Here are the 10 worst timeslots on broadcast TV
From Sundays at 10 pm on ABC to Tuesdays at 8 pm on Fox.

Why ESPN won”t “pull an HBO”
This year, ESPN will bring in up to $7 billion in revenue from cable subscribers fees. And they”re not going to want that to go away.

Former “Real Housewives” star Taylor Armstrong is ready to return 3 years after her estranged husband”s suicide
Now remarried, Armstrong is planning to guest on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

Is Jax Teller no longer the “Sons of Anarchy” anti-hero?
Charlie Hunnam has been harder to get behind.

Ranking the best ’80s TV families
The Huxtables beats The Seavers.

“Hannibal” finds its Lady Murasaki
Actress Tao Okamoto will take on the role of the “dark and mysterious” character.

“Shameless” adds a singer-actress
Annie Little will play Bianca”s little sister in at least two episodes.

“The Flash” is a welcome anti-vigilante
What makes the new CW series so refreshing is that it defies the DC Comics show trend of turning superheroes into antiheroes.

“Revolution” star lands on “Bates Motel”
Annika Johnson will appear in the Season 3 premiere.

“Dr Katz” returns with “Dr. Katz Live”
“Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist” last aired in 2002, but a Jonathan Katz revived his character for a special audio release.