Conan Kicks Off His Live Shows At Comic-Con By Having Batman Beg To Join The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Conan is back at Comic-Con this week, and that means he is letting his geek flag fly alongside a slew of major guests and some impressive surprises. Take this cold open for tonight’s opening episode as an example, pitting the DC Comics and Marvel cinematic universes against each other in the pettiest of locales: the lunchroom.

Riki Lindhome, Chris Geere, Blake Anderson, Keegan-Michael Key, Rob Huebel, David Koechner help to fill out the dueling superheroes in this sketch, with Conan playing a very distraught Batman who wants to get away from his sorta lame, but very happy friends at the DC Universe table. Who wouldn’t want a friend who can warm up your tater tots with his heat vision? Yeah, your Cyborg friend is a bummer, but it evens out.

Not good enough for Batman, though. He heads over to make a fool of himself at the Marvel Comics table, getting tricked into trying to pick up Thor’s hammer while Black Panther and Tony Stark make light of his living space and dead parents. Batman also makes the mistake of criticizing Black Widow as just a woman, ending up being choked out on the floor.

Luckily for Batman, and Conan, Andy Richter is nearby as Robin, and he’s full of sharp wit and barbs for everybody involved. If you learn one thing from this, its don’t make fun of the Dynamic Duo. One of them isn’t going to put up with it and is ready to speak some truth to power.

And yeah, Fantastic Four did kinda suck.

(Via Team Coco)