‘Black Panther’ Gets A Thrilling International Trailer Showcasing A Ton Of New Footage

Maybe it’s Marvel Japan’s absolutely fantastic Japanese announcer, maybe it’s the new clips showing off Black Panther’s new, super high-tech suit, or maybe it’s the tone that feels different from any recent Marvel movies, but the latest Black Panther trailer deserves attention.

In the fallout of Justice League and the leaking of various Infinity War clips, it’s like Black Panther has flown under the radar, but the fresh scenes shown off in this third international trailer should snap us all back to attention. We get a look at T’Challa’s newly-designed suit which harnesses nano-power (and also seems way better than Iron Man’s suit) to bend and shift energy around him in the heat of battle. It also paints a picture of a globetrotting Chadwick Boseman, who seems to be playing T’Challa like the international royalty that he is.

Considering how much world-building is going to be involved in Black Panther before we see T’Challa again in Infinity War, it seems like the movie has its hands full. But judging by the trailers, we’re going to be seeing a thriller that should hopefully bridge the gap to that major Avengers outing with what seems like a magical spy caper featuring the coolest suit in the Marvel universe on February 16, 2018. That’s saying a lot.

(Via Slashfilm)