Bruno Mars Is Electrifying In The Latest ‘Carpool Karaoke’

It’s no secret why James Corden would feature Carpool Karaoke two weeks in a row. Madonna did her best to bring her own classic stuff to the carpool lane, but it’s hard to compete with Bruno Mars these days. People really enjoy the guy and he’s done the Super Bowl halftime show twice in the past few years. That’s not something you can normally do unless you’re Beyonce, who he shared a stage with at Super Bowl 50 — and Coldplay was there too.

But Bruno Mars brings an energy to Carpool Karaoke that you don’t normally see. Madonna grinded on the car door last week and it still kinda pales to the guy this week, mostly thanks to his music and a fine Elvis impression with a fat Elvis tossed in for good measure. The only problem is where does this segment go from here? I’m sure you’ll get repeat acts once they release new albums — like Adele the next time she returns to take over the world — but who else is going to grab the attention like the acts we’ve seen to this point.

I could see Steve Perry from Journey making for a fun ride, say around Hall of Fame time if Journey goes in. Metallica could follow up that Fallon appearance with a ride with James Corden, though I’d still rather see Slayer and a frightened Corden speeding around LA. And how about a little Michael McDonald / Kenny Loggins action, on a boat instead of a car, with that Yacht Rock flavor. Not a ratings grab, but I’d watch it willingly.

(Via The Late Late Show)