The Best Internet Reactions To Coldplay’s Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show With Beyonce And Bruno Mars

During the lead up to this year’s Super Bowl 50 halftime show, folks weren’t exactly enthused about the prospect of Chris Martin and Coldplay’s elevator music rocking the Levi’s Stadium house in Santa Clara. If you think those of us watching at home weren’t excited, think about how that soon-to-be-divorced guy who spent $21,000 on tickets must have felt? Luckily, we heard about some spicier co-stars, including Beyonce and Bruno Mars. That says a lot about the NFL’s afterthoughts. They must have recognized how the blandness of Coldplay needed some excitement.

The halftime show didn’t start out with a bang. Don’t worry, Crying Jordan made an appearance (thank you, internet). First, Coldplay ushered in plenty of people on the field, but this is what was going on in the stands.

Then sarcasm, which is always in plentiful supply on Twitter, hit hard.

Some folks suggested a new lead singer from a certain commercial.

Others yearned for a more innocent time when Left Shark ruled the field.

Once Bruno Mars and Beyonce hopped into the field, sh*t got real. The praise for the side acts rolled in with digs at Coldplay still hopping.

Indeed, Beyonce and Bruno Mars made the full act worth watching. The halftime show felt far too short (with Coldplay looking like an afterthought), but at least some folks were happy.

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