Bryce Dallas Howard Campaigned To Keep Her Character’s Heels In ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’


When Jurassic World came roaring into theaters in 2015, a public furor erupted over Bryce Dallas Howard’s character (Claire) running away from dinosaurs while wearing heels. Some folks were genuinely outraged over this somewhat ridiculous display (a girl’s gotta look good while fighting for her life, right?), but Howard defended the detail by saying it was actually badass to be able to outrun a Tyrannosaurus Rex without donning menswear first. Still, it was understood that she probably wouldn’t be pulling off the same feat in the sequel (Fallen Kingdom), although Howard apparently made a big deal about the heels reappearing in some sequel scenes.

While speaking to Radio Times, Howard said that the sequel’s script made pointed mention of how “Claire’s wearing sneakers,” but she decided to fight for a heel comeback in scenes where they seemed appropriate (like in “an office”). Howard felt that this footwear would continue to symbolize Claire’s journey from the corporate world to all dinosaur hell breaking loose. She further explained:

“It’s a part of the character and kind of a metaphor for her journey. And that’s how it was intended in the first, and intended in the second. It’s important, I think, to be truthful to the character in that way. In that she can do both! She can wear flats, and she can wear heels!”

Well, that works? The filmmakers (and director Colin Trevorrow, below) heard the heel controversy loud and clear three years ago, and they certainly didn’t want a replay, but Howard is fine with heels, unless she’s running, so everyone else might be okay, too. Honestly, the filmmakers might want to worry more about crossover outrage from Star-Lord’s Avengers: Infinity War behavior repelling audience members who would normally be enthused to see the latest Chris Pratt movie. Hey, stranger things have happened at the box office, and it’s been a tough blockbuster season for supposedly guaranteed hits.

(Via Radio Times)