Don’t Expect Bryce Dallas Howard To Run In Heels In The ‘Jurassic World’ Sequel

Bryce Dallas Howard and her heels were arguably one of the most talked about things to come out of the success of Jurassic World. Folks noticed it, folks questioned it, and Bryce Dallas Howard responded to it. When sitting down with Collider to talk about the recent Blu Ray release, the actress discussed her thoughts on the memes that sprouted from her heels, why the heels make sense for her character, and how they won’t be making a comeback in the sequel:

But that’s not all! She also laid out her defense of being able to outrun a T-Rex while wearing heels to Cosmopolitan, also using it as a moment to praise fans and moviegoers for caring to see female characters on screen:

“She’s in high heels because she’s a woman who has been in high heels her whole life and she can f—ing sprint in them,” Howard said of her character in an interview with Cosmopolitan. “She can. ​That’s kind of how I perceived it.​ She doesn’t have to be in menswear and flats in order to outrun a T. rex. That’s what women can do.”

She went on to address the public’s reaction to her role. “I feel really relieved at the amount of sensitivity that people have to women and women’s roles in films, particularly large films… I did appreciate the fact that people wanted to ensure that it’s important for there to be female characters and roles where they do go on a journey and they aren’t just a function of the plot. And so that’s something that is a really important conversation to continue.”

In its entirety, there’s far more to question in Jurassic World than Bryce Dallas Howard’s ability to run in heels. She made it work against those CGI beasts, enough to make you ignore the fact that this park is even open in the first place and secretly being controlled by sinister government interests. She deserves some nice honking boots in the sequel.

(Via Collider / Variety)