The Potential Fan-Remake Of ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Gets A Fitting Poster


The idea of remaking Star Wars: The Last Jedi is something that has held the attention of the Star Wars fanbase for the past few weeks. Some fans have not been silent about their distaste for the movie, and others even floated an idea of remaking the film, letting Disney know that “this isn’t a joke” and that a team of producers is “offering to cover the budget.”

That isn’t likely to happen any time soon, and it is overshadowed by the harassment that seems to come from critics of the film towards its actors and director Rian Johnson. But if you were curious what some think this remake should look like, it now has a poster. Artist Fernando Reza created some parody marketing materials for the remake, and the result is something marvelous:

We’ve got Luke Skywalker looking more like Mark Hamill thought he’d be in Return Of The Jedi, a ripped Kylo Ren, a triple Death Star, Snoke sharing his master plan and backstory via overhead projector, BB8 with Negan’s baseball bat, Porgs cooking in the oven, and the ladies of the film sticking close to where some fans apparently want to see them.

The parody image might’ve fallen into the darkness of the internet soon enough, but Rian Johnson and Star Wars Show host Anthony Carboni took notice and shared their reactions on Twitter:

The problem is we could be one executive order away from this becoming a reality. A government decree to make America’s Star Wars what it should be, leaving all that hokey baloney “anybody can be a Jedi, Rey’s parents are nobodies” talk in the dumpster where it belongs, right?

Star Wars will once again return to ruin our holidays in 2019. We will likely be free of the debate until The Last Jedi premieres on TBS later this year — or they actually remake it.

(Via Twitter)