The Potential Fan-Remake Of ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Gets A Fitting Poster

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07.03.18 13 Comments


The idea of remaking Star Wars: The Last Jedi is something that has held the attention of the Star Wars fanbase for the past few weeks. Some fans have not been silent about their distaste for the movie, and others even floated an idea of remaking the film, letting Disney know that “this isn’t a joke” and that a team of producers is “offering to cover the budget.”

That isn’t likely to happen any time soon, and it is overshadowed by the harassment that seems to come from critics of the film towards its actors and director Rian Johnson. But if you were curious what some think this remake should look like, it now has a poster. Artist Fernando Reza created some parody marketing materials for the remake, and the result is something marvelous:

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