FXX reviving Fox’s ADHD

FXX reviving Fox”s ADHD
The late-night cartoon block will debut on FXX with a one-hour block starting Jan. 22 at midnight, featuring “Lucas Bros. Moving Co.” and “Stone Quackers.”

Stephen Colbert”s 1st head writer recalls him saying: “I”m gonna work you like a borrowed mule”
Allison Silverman, who went from co-head writer to executive producer during her 2005-09 stint on the show, says: “The days at 'The Colbert Report' were long, and sometimes every minute was stressful. It was a tough, tough job. I remember when I first accepted the position, Stephen said, 'I”m gonna work you like a borrowed mule,' but at the time we were eating hot wings and drinking milkshakes, so I didn”t quite take it in. The show is more written than a lot of other shows. When it started, we had a ton of energy and adrenaline, and we built a show that required all of it. As time went on, we had to figure out a way to make it more manageable and sustainable.”

Why L.A. is the perfect choice for “The Walking Dead” spinoff
“A 'Walking Dead' companion series is uniquely positioned to take full advantage of the city”s trademark postapocalyptic feel,” says Mark Lisanti, “the forbidding, provincial disconnectedness of its many beautiful neighborhoods, and its perpetually abandoned sidewalks – nobody shuffles anywhere, the old saw holds. And could there be a better temporary bulwark against the collapse of society than the walls of a studio lot? No, there could not.” PLUS: All the details on the prequel so far.

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Sarah Paulson talks playing Dot & Bette, and Marcia Clark
Paulson says of last week”s “American Horror Story: Freak Show” scene: “Oh my God, I read that scene and just thought, 'There”s no way I”m going to be able to this. It”s too hard!' It made me cry when I read it, and I thought, 'Well, that”s a start.”” As for playing O.J. Simpson”s prosecutor on “American Crime Story,” Paulson says in the new year, “I”ll become a Marcia Clark-obsessed recluse, and no one will want to invite me to dinner because all I”ll talk about is Marcia Clark.”

“MasterChef Junior” wasn”t as special in Season 2
Maybe Fox should slow down the franchise to give it room to breathe?

Jim Bob Duggar: Anti-“19 Kids and Counting Petition” gave us “more exposure”
Duggar says in response to the petition opposing the family”s views on an anti LGBT-ordinance, “our show is the number one show on TLC” and “we”ve gained 50,000 Facebook fans last week.”

HBO to show Audra McDonald”s “Lady Day at Emerson”s Bar & Grill”
McDonald”s Tony-winning performance as Billie Holiday will air from a taping this month at New Orleans” Cafe Brasil.

Netflix is coming to Dish Network set-top boxes
Dish is becoming the first pay-TV provider in the U.S. to integrate Netflix with their DVR.

“The Real World's” Season 1 cast members are reuniting on OWN
The stars of “The Real World”s” inaugural NYC-set season will appear Sunday on “Oprah: Where Are They Now?”

“Black-ish” tonight presents a “Marathon-ish”
Three episodes will be shown, starting at 9:30.