Watch: Get your fill of creepy nuns in new ‘American Horror Story: Asylum’ teasers

If you weren’t particularly frightened of nuns before, you just might be after watching these new “American Horror Story: Asylum” teasers.

A pair of promo clips for Season 2 of the hit Ryan Murphy/Brad Falchuk series were released via the show’s official Facebook page over the weekend, both of which feature some spooky sisters sneaking around with (seemingly) naughty intentions.

In the first (embedded below), we see a nun from the back as she carries a bucket in each hand through a wooded clearing. As she reaches a specific spot on the path (with eerie bells ringing out nearby), she sets each bucket down before flinging a…erm, fleshy object from one of them. As it tumbles across the ground behind her, she picks up the other bucket and continues on into the woods. Shiver.

Clip #2, released just today, features not one but two creepy nuns: one of them dressed all in black and standing completely still inside an alcove off a hallway, the other walking slowly down a hallway before hanging a child’s blue coat on the wall. She then approaches camera and sits down only inches from it before…before…well, watch it below to find out for yourself.

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“American Horror Story: Asylum” premieres this October on FX.