‘Gotham’ Keeps Hinting At Joker And Harley With Their Not-Joker And Not-Harley

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11.01.18 2 Comments


Gotham‘s fifth and final season has already revealed some spoilers, but there’s still much we don’t know. Now we finally know the official release date, and with that announcement comes some photos referencing to a Harley Quinn-like character, a video titled “Happy Halloween From Mr. J” (just don’t call him “Joker”), and some good news for anybody wondering if Fox was really going to leave this bonkers show two episodes short of the 100 needed for syndication.

The last season premieres Thursday, January 3rd at 8 pm EST, which is thankfully the same time slot for the series, which had already been moved to a different time slot once before and survived (nobody stays dead on this show, so that’s fitting). Fox has also ordered two more episodes for the final season, bringing the total episodes to an even hundred. We hope those extra episodes are just two solid hours of Shane West hot-gluing his Bane costume together with stuff he bought at a bike shop.

Here’s the Halloween promo, which only has new material at the very end:

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