‘Gotham’ Releases A Bonkers Joker-Tease Trailer For The ‘Ace Chemicals’ Showdown

Fox is still teasing a possible Joker transformation with a green band trailer — or a “Chemical Green” band trailer, as they’re calling it — for this Thursday’s episode of Gotham, “Ace Chemicals.”

Back in January, David Mazouz (who plays Bruce Wayne) and guest star Cameron Monaghan (who plays Jeremiah Valeska) summed up the inevitability of this showdown. Mazouz told IGN, “Jeremiah wants to be best friends with Bruce, Bruce hates Jeremiah, but in Jeremiah’s world, Bruce is playing hard to get. He does awful things that he thinks will eventually make Bruce come around to him, but neither can end this cycle since Bruce cannot kill, and Jeremiah doesn’t want to hurt Bruce.” Monaghan added that Jeremiah’s obsession with Bruce is the remaining element of his humanity and vulnerability. Well, a vat of green chemicals can wash that away.

If you’ve been watching Gotham, you already know Jeremiah has just kidnapped Alfred, and he’s also captured a man and a woman and had their appearance altered to resemble Bruce’s parents, all so he can stage a “family reunion.”

The new trailer above and the synopsis below give new details about Jeremiah’s desperate plan to win friends and influence people. His family reunion involves re-enacting Thomas and Martha Wayne’s murder, including a remake of The Mark of Zorro — the movie Bruce saw with his parents the night they were killed — staring Jeremiah as Zorro:

“Next week’s episode of Gotham, we get all kinds of weird,” Monaghan captioned this photo, as though we even have a way to quantify the weirdness of this bonkers show anymore.