Harrison Ford Gives Alden Ehrenreich A Hard Time Over ‘Solo’ During A ‘Star Wars’ Press Event

Harrison Ford’s somewhat-curmudgeonly attitude towards the Star Wars franchise in recent years melts away every once in a while, mostly when the timing is right for a good joke. In this case, having Alden Ehrenreich making the press rounds for the upcoming Solo: A Star Wars Story is perfect for a little gentle ribbing from one Han Solo to another.

So here’s Ehrenreich, embarking upon the press tour for Solo, with most critics loving what Ron Howard did for the smuggler’s origin story, discussing the film until Ford barges in on ET and growls: “get outta my chair.” Of course, the younger Han obliges, until Ford mutters: “and get outta my life.” Surprisingly, there’s no awkwardness there, even if it’s possibly a real sentiment.

Eventually, things get back under control and Ehrenreich gushes over Ford’s support and love of the movie.

“It’s just such a huge deal to have him really genuinely love it. He really genuinely enjoyed the film, and it meant a lot to me that he took the time to come out here and do that.”

Having a blessing of one Han Solo bestowed upon another Han Solo must feel good, especially when a potential three-film franchise is in the balance.

(Via ET / Gamespot)