Jeffrey Dean Morgan Does His Best To Dodge Jimmy Kimmel’s Questions About Playing Batman In ‘Flashpoint’

Jeffrey Dean Morgan was probably a bit groggy for his interview with Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday. He had practically just arrived from a night shoot for The Walking Dead, something that has lost its luster for the actor at this point in his career. It does lend to some jokes about Negan’s personality on the show, so it’s not all bad. It also helps that he seems like a pretty genuine interview in between talking about the show about zombies and the possibility of playing a version of one of the most iconic superheroes of all time.

While it’s highly likely this won’t happen, Morgan did play Thomas Wayne in Batman V Superman as Kimmel points out about midway through their interview. Since we know that Flashpoint is the focus of The Flash solo movie that we’ll see in the near future, the speculation is sure to begin about Morgan possibly taking up the mantle of the bat as Thomas Wayne in the paradox/alternate reality of the Flashpoint universe — if that’s even where that film ends up going. Kimmel seems to want to kick it off and Morgan has some fun playing mum, which is exactly what people do when they’re starring in superhero movies these days unless you’re Mark Ruffalo and you have a running gag to keep up.

Morgan says he knows nothing about it, which you have to sorta believe at this point, even if having him come back as the Thomas Wayne Batman and Lauren Cohan as the female Joker would be interesting at least. It would also give The Walking Dead fans something to talk about.

Speaking of The Walking Dead, Morgan has plenty to say about Norman Reedus at the start of his chat. He details how the two actors are basically like brothers, living next door to each other, hanging out together, and stalking each other on talk shows (Reedus was on Kimmel on Wednesday). He also tells a story about how both of them were bored and ended up getting a tattoo, so he decides to get one on his left hand due to Negan’s hand being gloved on the show. The problem here is that Negan’s gloved hand is his right hand, meaning that Morgan has to arrive early to get his tattoo covered up before filming.

He also jokes about Negan possibly being a zombie, which isn’t anywhere near the truth but still a funny thought. Can a zombie flip people the bird? Can that be part of their muscle memory?

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)