Jensen Ackles Made The Perfect ‘Walking Dead’ Joke To His ‘Supernatural’ Dad, Jeffrey Dean Morgan

You’d have to live under a rock not to have heard about the violent and traumatizing season premiere of The Walking Dead, when Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan rained down hell on Rick’s group in the form of a baseball named “Lucille” covered in barbed wire. Hell, I peaced out of the show back in season two when they spent however many episodes looking for that damn kid in the woods and even I know what happened in the premiere. (Granted, I am also a pop culture blogger so it’s kind of my job to know these things.)

Anyway, long before Morgan donned Negan’s black leather jacket, he played a whole different kind of badass on a little show called Supernatural as John Winchester, the gruff patriarch of the Winchester family and father to Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles’ Sam and Dean. It’s been over a decade now since Morgan appeared on the CW series, having been killed off in the season two premiere after sacrificing himself to save Dean. But while he may be long gone, he is definitely not forgotten. Ahead of tonight’s new episode of Supernatural, Jensen Ackles tweeted the following photo to his old TV dad:

Morgan even tweeted back, like a good sport:

Clearly, no love lost between the two. Apparently Morgan has stayed good friends with Jensen and Padalecki over the years, and has even expressed interest in coming back to do a cameo. Now that Mary Winchester has been resurrected, the timing would kind of be perfect.