Kevin Smith Reveals The ‘Captain Marvel’ Nod He’s Slipping Into His ‘Jay And Silent Bob’ Movie

03.25.19 5 months ago

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Kevin Smith, if you hadn’t heard, is a very big fan of Marvel (to cite one of many examples). And Marvel’s a very big fan of Kevin Smith. Surely you noticed that the requisite Stan Lee cameo in Captain Marvel — the first newly released to theaters since his death late last year — wasn’t your average Stan Lee MCU cameo. Since the origin story was set in 1995, it went all in, showing the late Marvel lord reading the script for Smith’s sophomore film Mallrats, which featured a glorified, and very verbose, Stan Lee cameo, well before it was cool.

Smith, as you might imagine from someone who’s watched Avengers: Infinity War more times than you’ve had hot dinners, was quite moved by the shout-out. He even posted a picture of his reddened, teary face after he saw Captain Marvel in early March.

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