Margot Robbie Wants To Explore Harley Quinn And Poison Ivy’s Relationship In Future ‘Birds Of Prey’ Films

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As actress Margot Robbie previously revealed, the full title of her upcoming Birds of Prey movie is Birds of Prey (And The Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn). In other words, the Suicide Squad spin-off is all about her character’s being released from her attachment to Jared Leto’s Joker and instead venturing off with a new all-female group of wildcards. We already know what other DC Comics characters will be included (and who will play them), but that’s it. However, it seems Robbie already has a very specific idea for a potential Birds of Prey sequel.

While speaking with Pride Source about Mary Queen of Scots, the actress was asked about Harley’s affiliation with the Batman villain Poison Ivy. Specifically, Pride Source wanted to know if Robbie was interested in, or would be pursuing, the pair’s LGBTQ relationship in recent comics. Her answer?

“If you read the comics you know that Poison Ivy and Harley have an intimate relationship. In some comics they convey it as a friendship; in other comics you can see that they’re actually sexually involved as a couple. I’ve been trying to — I would love to have Poison Ivy thrown into the universe, because the Harley and Poison Ivy relationship is one of my favorite aspects of the comics, so I’m looking to explore that on screen.”

Of course, Ivy is not a part of the upcoming Birds of Prey film (as far as we know), but that doesn’t mean that Robbie hasn’t given the prospect a lot of thought. For as she told the reporter about who might play the villain, “I’ve thought about it a lot and there’s no one person who springs to mind. I’m pretty open-minded.” Your move, Marvel.

(Via Pride Source)