Mike Myers Is In ‘Austin Powers’ Shape During This ‘Tonight Show’ Dance Off

Mike Myers appearance on Fallon to promote his new book Canada is either great news or bad news depending on how you feel about the Austin Powers franchise. There’s a lot of super spy flavor in Myers dance moves, possibly adding a little fuel to those rumors of another film in the series. It’s probably just a lot more of Myers being Myers, doing his best to represent Canada.

The dance is based on a dice roll, with a silly roll appearing one ach side of the giant die that Myers and Fallon toss. It’s your typical Fallon “game” with no real winner, but it’s nice to see Myers can still move and is still around despite his ability to lie on a pile of Shrek money for the rest of his existence. That’s what would make a return to Austin Powers or even that one guy’s Wayne’s World 3 script interesting. Myers doesn’t have to do it. He doesn’t really have to do anything he’s not interested in doing, so you might expect that some care would be put into any new films.

Then again, some people sat through The Love Guru. It is not good and does not set a promising tone for any further Austin Powers adventures.

(Via The Tonight Show)