This Guy Has Spent 23 Years Trying To Get Mike Myers To Read His ‘Wayne’s World 3’ Script

It’s been 23 years since Aerosmith played Waynestock in Wayne’s World 2, but it’s been even longer since Ghostbusters II, and we’re getting a new Ghostbusters movie this year. So, who’s to say there can’t be a Wayne’s World 3? Well, that nagging little feeling called Common Sense, for one, and also everyone who paid money to see The Love Guru. Plus, Mike Myers said he felt like an “idiot” for wearing Wayne’s wig during SNL‘s 40th anniversary special, and Paramount Pictures has announced no formal plans for a sequel.

But don’t tell that to Trevor Schindeler, who’s spent two-plus decades trying to get someone in “Fortress Hollywood” to read his “well-crafted and brilliantly funny” screenplay for a third Wayne’s World, Wayne’s Leisure World.

Wayne’s World, starring Mike Myers as Wayne and Dana Carvey as Garth, was released in 1992. Wayne’s World 2 was released in 1993. Shortly thereafter, the plot line for Wayne’s Leisure World came to mind and I felt compelled to write a synopsis. On July 7, 1993, I registered my work with the Writers Guild of American, West, Inc.

Being young and naively optimistic, much like Wayne and Garth themselves, I assumed that I could get someone inside Fortress Hollywood to read my work. Surely, Hollywood is looking for great stories. I sent out query letters to everyone associated with the Wayne’s World franchise including producers, directors, writers, and actors. I was stonewalled. No one would even read my synopsis. (Via)

Many official-sounding letters were sent, but still no Wayne’s Leisure World, the script for which you can read here. (While searching for the number of times the word “schwing” appears in the screenplay, I found the following line of dialogue, “Everything went crazy after doctors discovered that Viagra cures AIDS. Leisure World is a schwinging place.” Hm. Also, only four.)

If you’re “someone who knows someone inside Fortress Hollywood,” Schindeler would like you to pass along his GoFundMe — he’s asking for $2,500 to purchase “outdoor advertising in Los Angeles, California.” Maybe he’ll even throw a Waynestock of his own, unless that name is copyrighted. Then it’s LeisureWorldStock, with headliners Arrowsmith.

(Via GoFundMe)

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