Ryan Reynolds Teases Some More ‘X-Men’ Hijinks For ‘Deadpool 2’

We have gotten a few nuggets regarding Deadpool 2 as we march towards its release in summer 2018. The conclusion of Hugh Jackman’s tenure as Wolverine brought us our first glimpse thanks to the pre-film scene, later released online with a fresh Stan Lee cameo. Logan was definitely a far different film from Deadpool, but the appearance was welcome.

That was followed by the fevered speculation over who would be playing Cable, the time-traveling mercenary that ended up as Deadpool’s grizzled sidekick in the Marvel Comics universe. There were plenty of rumored actors vying for the role, including a spirited effort by Stephen Lang and a strong indication that Kyle Chandler had won the role. The reality was that Josh Brolin would play Cable, double dipping his comic roles and turning his 2018 into a huge year. He’s sporting a new haircut and a beefier physique, giving all fans out there a chance to sigh in relief.

Now we’ve been treated to our first image of Deadpool 2, courtesy of Ryan Reynolds, and it comes with some fine jokes at the expense of the X-Men. It also hints that we’ll be returning to the X-Mansion for some more reluctant adventuring with Colossus, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, and maybe X-Treme or something. If we’re bringing back Cable, let’s go full ’90s nostalgia and bring back the guy with an irrational amount of spikes on his costume.

The photo was also uploaded to Instagram and inadvertently creates a few questions about the bathroom habits of Beast. Does he use a toilet like a regular person or does he actually go in the yard? It might just be a joke, but now we’re a little too focused on the private moments of our favorite X-Men. There’s a list too, like Gambit and his kinetic powers or like the Blob for obvious reasons. All thoughts to have while sitting the Arby’s parking lot.

(Via Ryan Reynolds)