Stan Lee reveals which heroes he wants to see in next ‘Avengers’ movie

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While we here at HitFix already compiled our list of hoped-for cameos in the upcoming “Avengers” film, it turns out creator Stan Lee is already looking ahead to the inevitable sequel. So, which heroes would the Marvel legend like to see included in the franchise’s next installment?

“Oh I”d be happy if they add the Black Panther and maybe Dr. Strange,” Lee told I Am Rogue during a recent interview. As for which characters he’d like to see get their very own franchise entries, a la “Iron Man”, “Thor” and “The Hulk”: “Those two [Dr. Strange and the Black Panther] and probably Ant-Man, which I think they are working on [Edgar Wright has been indeed been developing a solo Ant-Man flick for several years now]. Maybe I”ll play a little role in that.”

The charismatic creator was also asked how he felt about rebooting characters who have already enjoyed glossy Hollywood adaptations, most imminently Marc Webb’s reboot of “The Amazing Spider-Man” starring Andrew Garfield in the title role.

“I think it will be great,” said Lee. “Andrew Garfield is so good. Even though he doesn”t look like Tobey [Maguire], he is perfect for Spider-Man/Peter Parker. The movie is a good movie and wait till you see my cameo. It”s very funny.”

As for the developing “Fantastic Four” and “Daredevil” reboots currently cooking over at Fox, Lee was equally amicable about the studio’s decision to give the respective series a do-over:

“I think it wouldn”t be a bad idea to reboot The FF, and Daredevil, those two,” he said. “Because ‘Daredevil’ didn”t do as well as I hoped it would. Yet I love the character so I would love to see him rebooted.”

Oh, and for the record, the fanboy favorite had nothing but good things to say about the upcoming “Avengers” movie (a sentiment shared by our own Drew McWeeney in his review).

“I loved it,” Lee gushed. “Did you see it yet? It”s a wonderful movie. It”s eye candy, a great story, and a chance to see four or five or six heroes all together.”

So, which “Avengers” characters would you like to see popping up in the next installment? Sound off with your own picks in the comments!

“The Avengers” hits theaters on May 4.

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