‘Stranger Things’ Receives The Silliest, Most Nostalgic Spin-Off Possible Thanks To Jimmy Kimmel

Stranger Things gets plenty of flack for relying on nostalgia, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t working. The show is a hit for Netflix and Jimmy Kimmel thinks they might want to expand out with a spin-off based on the show. So to get the ball rolling, the host called up Mark Linn‑Baker and Bronson Pinchot to reprise their roles as Larry and Balki to give Netflix a look at Perfect Stranger Things. The main kids from the show stop by, but instead of making them the focus — this is a spin-off after all — we get a chance to spend some time with the Demogorgon aka Dem O’Gorgon, Irish demon predator creature.

You could make this for like three episodes and get people to watch it, even if it is just out of irony. They brought back Full House for a sequel and people can’t get enough of it on Netflix. Start combining programs and you have winning formulas compounded to create monster entertainment. Who cares if Futurama and Always Sunny are leaving the platform, Perfect Stranger Things is there and soon it will be joined by Full House Of Cards and a remake of Bloodline starring the folks from Step By Step. Patrick Duffy is not about to turn this down.

If anything, it is nice to see Pinchot and Linn-Baker back together again. Perfect Strangers is a deeper cut from the TGIF lineup — and one I believe we said was thirsty for a reboot. It is either this or Wings.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)