‘Supergirl’ Promo Promises The Return Of Helen Slater (Plus We Get A Taste Of The Superhero Crossover)

According to DC Entertainment themselvesSupergirl sets the stage” for the huge DC TV superhero crossover, but it’s not until The Flash on Tuesday where things really get going. The rest of the story will play out on Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow, but there’s another good reason to tune into Supergirl tonight – Helen Slater returns!

A lot has been happening on Supergirl since Melissa Benoist and the crew moved over to The CW officially. We’ve got new heroes emerging, like James Olsen’s Guardian and Mon-El, but also new villains like Cyborg Superman and Lillian Luthor (played by Brenda Strong). She’s leading Project Cadmus, a name familiar to DC Comics fans, in an anti-alien fight that looks to turn into a full-blown war if this new teaser is any indication.

Strong’s arrival has also given us the long-awaited return of Dean Cain’s Jeremiah Danvers, one of a few legacy castings in the show and an open thread from Season 1. The other legacy star, Slater, returns tonight to reprise her role of Kara’s adoptive mom, Eliza Danvers, and is the recipient of big news in her daughter Alex’s life. Something tells me she’ll take this better than that of her daughter being a secret DEO agent.

But as you can see from the teaser, there’s a lot going on in this episode that has nothing to do with the four-show crossover “Heroes v Aliens” (like how they’re using the Batman v Superman style rather than “vs”?) event taking place this week. Whether that’s due to Supergirl’s new arrival to the network causing scheduling issues or four full episodes was just a bit too much to tackle, I’m excited to see all the heroes interact. Here’s the extended trailer for the crossover, in case you missed it.