We Went To Toy Fair And Looked At Lots Of New ‘Star Wars’ Toys, Which Look A Lot Like Old ‘Star Wars’ Toys

02.21.19 6 months ago

Mike Ryan

Every year I find it more and more difficult to make up excuses that I can send to my editor so that I can cover Toy Fair. As far as I can tell, Uproxx isn’t a toy collecting website (not yet, at least, but if I ever get my way…) and I don’t know much about the intricacies and nuances of toy reporting except that, sometimes, I like looking at new toys. (Watching the toy reporters at work is truly something. They will spend hours taking painstakingly detailed photographs of every single flake of paint on a new action figure. I only wish I could be that detailed about anything.)

But, whatever, I like going! Especially, of course, to look at Star Wars toys. One of my last “pure” memories of being a little kid was turning that corner into the toy aisle of whatever department store we happened to be at that day, then seeing rows and rows of vintage Kenner Star Wars action figures on that now-classic packaging. (Toys ‘R’ Us was never really in the equation for me. I’ve been seeing a lot of Toy ‘R’ Us nostalgia lately, but, in the greater St. Louis region at the time, our toy store was Children’s Palace. If I remember correctly, the store looked kind of like a castle. I wish there were Children’s Palace nostalgia.)

The crazy thing about Star Wars toys today is how often those original designs from the 1977 to 1985 Kenner line have seeped back into what Hasbro makes today. (Hasbro, of course, now owns Kenner.) Over the past few years, Hasbro has had a popular Vintage line, where that retro card design has been used to sell new action figures. Now, Hasbro is just going “all in” on their retro design with a line of figures that are legitimately just what was sold back in 1978 (the action figure line didn’t come out until a year after the movie was released), only with a “Retro” designation on the front of the purposely distressed packaging.

Mike Ryan

Mike Ryan

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