Travel Hell: The 28 Worst Movie Journeys, Just in Time for Thanksgiving Weekend

You thought your holiday travel was a nightmare? Believe us: it could be much, much worse.

Thanksgiving weekend is a notoriously miserable time to be on a roadway or in an airport or basically any place that involves the transport of humans from one location to another, but let's keep things in perspective: at least you aren't Frodo. Not just because he has giant furry hobbit feet, but because he has to make it from the Shire to Mount Doom in one piece – no easy feat when you're beset by hooded Ringwraiths and man-eating spiders and also hold the future of Middle-earth in your hands. Don't you feel petty now?

If that's not enough to brighten your spirits, below you can find 27 (!) other examples of horrific movie journeys to help keep things in perspective as you move into the holiday weekend.

Which hellish movie journeys did we miss? After scrolling through the gallery below, let us know in the comments.