‘Deadpool 2’: Here’s Who The Kid (And The Other Mutants) Probably Are

On Thursday, an extended third trailer for Deadpool 2 came along to show us all the mutants. It also confirmed the movie is assembling the X-Force after many rumors of an upcoming X-Force spin-off movie. We already broke down who we think some of these mutants might be, including Surge (Shioli Kutsuna) and Shatterstar (probably Lewis Tan). Now we need to correct at least one of those guesses (regarding Terry Crews’ character) and add some new details about the mutants played by Bill Skarsgård (It) and comedian Rob Delaney. We even have a good guess about who “the kid” is.

Let’s start with Crews:


It would be easy to assume he’s playing either G.W. Bridge or Hammer, both of them being awesome casting choices. But the costume he’s wearing matches another character, and a headshot of Crews flashed past the camera in one scene, revealing the character’s name as well as who Rob Delaney is likely playing:

Via Fox

The headshot on the right labels Crews’ character as Bedlam (née Jesse Aaronson), a mutant who can create bioelectrical fields that can disrupt anything electrical (including security systems, Cable’s cyborg body parts, and even human brains). He’s a powerful asset for the X-Force, and also a friend of Domino (Zazie Beetz) and a character from the comics called Peter Wisdom. And, wouldn’t you know it, Rob Delaney’s character is named Peter.

Wisdom is a British Intelligence agent who can absorb heat and solar radiation then shoot that energy out of his fingertips as “hot knives” (also known as “my mix tape”). If that’s who Delaney is playing, he also has a pretty sweet mustache:

Via Fox

Sitting in the foreground is Bill Skarsgård, who we initially thought was playing Chamber until removing the mask and revealed that half his face isn’t missing (so not Chamber). We’ve also been guessing Zeitgeist, which he could well be. However, Screen Rant points out his costume in this scene also resembles Rictor, a mutant who can generate vibrations to knock people over and even trigger earthquakes. He’s also Shattterstar’s boyfriend, and it’s already confirmed Shatterstar is in this. Does these mean an X-Men movie is going to just have a gay couple instead of slathering gay subtext over everything? About time.

And then there’s a theory about who “the kid” Cable is trying to kill could be. The most interesting one we’ve seen so far is that Julian Dennison (The Hunt for the Wilderpeople) is playing Kid Apocalypse (aka Evan Sabahnur), a clone of Apocalypse created by Fantomex, who tried to raise the boy to use his enormous powers for good. Maybe Cable doesn’t think a “nature versus nurture” experiment is worth the risk. But he seems like such a nice kid…


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