George Miller’s ‘Justice League’ Would’ve Given Us A Very Different Introduction For Wonder Woman

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There’s little doubt that Wonder Woman has injected new life into Warner Bros’ DC Comics properties, even if the path they’re taking seems to be a little confusing. With Justice League landing in theaters only two months from now and Wonder Woman hitting digital video, it seems fitting that some would want to look at what might’ve been with George Miller’s Justice League project that ended before it was able to get off the ground.

Jay Baruchel stopped by the Happy Sad Confused podcast according to Entertainment Weekly and Miller’s Justice League was the topic of discussion, especially the way he planned to introduce Wonder Woman in the film. Baruchel would’ve played Maxwell Lord in the film — which might seem like an odd choice but it is comparable to Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor — and he seemed very excited at the prospect judging at his reaction to how Wonder Woman would’ve made her debut according to EW:

“The first time you see Wonder Woman, the opening scene on Themyscira, it was just her,” Baruchel said. “It’s her on top of a steed and she stood about half a kilometer away from a Minotaur. The Minotaur has a battle-ax in his hand and she just rushes him. All the Amazons are there cheering her on, and she just beheads him. Gets off her steed and holds up the Minotaur thing — and doesn’t say a goddamned thing. I was like, ‘That’s the Wonder Woman I want to see!’ It would have been special.”

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