Black Midi Made Their US TV Debut With A Performance Of ‘Near DT, MI’ On A Chicago Morning Show

Black Midi capitalized on all the buzz they have built for themselves this summer by releasing their debut album, Schlagenheim, this summer. While the group is fascinating on record, the UK band has a reputation as a raucous and exciting live band. Now, US TV audiences have gotten their first taste of the group, as the band made their US television debut on Chicago’s WGN Morning News.

Frenetic math rock isn’t typical fodder for a morning news show, but nonetheless, it made for some exciting television. Their performance of “Near DT, MI” only lasted for a couple minutes, but with how quickly the band is able to move between phases of a song, they packed a lot of different sounds into those 120-plus seconds. The setting in which the song was performed was also appropriate: Chicago is about 300 miles west of Detroit, so The Windy City could be considered “near DT, MI,” depending on your definition of “near.”

By the way, they’re actually performing in Detroit tonight (November 7). Following that, they’ll continue their North American tour, which keeps them on the road until late this month and includes stops in Toronto, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Nashville, Los Angeles, Portland, and Seattle.

Watch Black Midi perform “Near DT, MI” above, and read our review of Schlagenheim here.