Britt Daniel Explains How He Picked The Songs For Spoon’s Greatest Hits Album

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Greatest hits albums have become a relic in the streaming era. Not only have traditional compilations been made largely obsolete by playlists, but it’s become increasingly rare for acts to have enough creative longevity to warrant a hits package.

This is doubly true in the world of indie rock. So many of the most successful bands of indie’s ’00s-era prime — including The Strokes, The Killers, Interpol, and Franz Ferdinand — are essentially known for one popular LP that functions as a de facto greatest hits album. And then there’s Spoon, the exception that proves the rule, a band that frequently inspires fans to debate the merits of Girls Can Tell versus Kill The Moonlight versus Gimme Fiction versus Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga. Even beyond the ‘O0s, Spoon continues to go strong as one of the most consistent indie bands of the era.

While any of the aforementioned records could act as entry points for the uninitiated, Spoon’s frontman Britt Daniel has crafted his own primer for newcomers called Everything Hits At Once: The Best Of Spoon, which comes out Friday. With only 13 tracks (including the new “No Bullets Spent”), Everything Hits At Once is a snappy, bite-sized introduction, though inevitably some of the band’s greatest songs were left off.

Daniel recently talked about some of Spoon’s greatest hits, and explained why some lesser-known chestnuts didn’t make the cut.

“No Bullets Spent” (2019)

There’s a history of bands putting out greatest hits records and including a new track at the end. But how do you write a song that can hang with the best of the best?

Heaps of pressure on that song. I knew that was the assignment, to come up with a song that will fit on with the best songs that we’ve done over the course of nine albums. That’s a tall order.